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    Steps to be a school administrator


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    Steps to be a school administrator

    Post  SOFIA1024 on Fri Nov 16, 2012 3:57 pm

    1. Show your personal and professional dedication to education by participating in educational activities early on, both as a volunteer and as a student.
    2. Obtain a bachelor's degree in the subject of your choice.
    3.Earn a teaching credential by completing required certification exams, teacher-training and graduate courses.
    4. Apply to and complete a master's or doctoral program in education, with an emphasis on educational administration. You can sometimes obtain your teaching credential concurrently.
    5. Complete your required supervised administrative experience.
    6. Pass certification exams on both the state and national level for your specific area of educational administration.
    7. Contact academic and professional references for letters of recommendation and prepare to have your official college transcripts sent to prospective employers.
    8. Research carefully the areas and districts to which you apply. Each state will present unique challenges in hiring requirements as well as work environment.

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